Thanksgiving-Count-Your-May-BlessingsLately I find myself being a little bit negative, due to what seems like the endless college exams, studying, and class meetings. –You’re killin’ me Business Stats–

So today I am counting my blessings.

1. I always have at least one good laugh everyday — the majority of the time I have 4 – 5  good laughs

2. I feel safe staying in my home every night

3. I have a family that loves me more than I can fathom

4. I have a loving husband that always makes sure my wants and needs are met

5. I am in good health and have the ability to do any physical activity

6. At this age I can eat almost anything and not have to worry about my weight

7. I am financially stable — That is a HUGE blessing

8. I have incredible friends that always keep in contact with me

9. I have opportunities in every direction I look, and that I know, is a luxury

10. I find joy in the small things — On the way to class this morning I stopped to pet a kitten and it truly made my morning

So tell me, what are your blessings? Your comments are welcome here!

Thanks for taking a minute to read, I appreciate all of you

Love Always! – Ashley

Read. Enjoy. Comment. Share.



  1. I can count two blessings right away. #1: You! #2: That you have such a sweet, loving, family oriented hubby we all love in your life. Love ya’ll!

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