This Monday is dedicated to all of those embarrassing moments you hope to never have. I am going to share with you a few of my most embarrassing college moments — hold on to your seat — they get bad.

My most recent moment: Being the first to finish a test and when leaving the room you don’t know whether to push or pull the door to open it. So you completely panic and somehow do both at the same time and you end up standing at the doors pushing and pulling them for 2 minutes trying to figure out who the guy was that made these doors of tricks that never seem to open. In the process of this commotion you disturb every single test taker in the room with your countless closing opening awkwardness. (Obviously this has happened to me a few times, hence the intense emotions.)

My most hated embarrassing moment: When you are walking to class, just minding your own business and enjoying the beauty of the day when Lance Armstrong who is late for class for the 10th time has 20 seconds before he gets locked out of his class, and he’s not feeling courteous today, comes rolling on fire going 80 miles per hour knocking you and every innocent bystander off of the sidewalk like a bunch of bowling pins. Along with running over a few toes along the way. (Watch in Armstrong, I’m on to all of you bike riders!)

Last and worst: when you’re at the gym just gettin’ your sweat on, listening to your rap cardio mix on full volume running your little heart out. Just trying to get a good workout in and your like “yah why do I ever stop running, it’s awesome, feels so good, I’m coming to the gym everyday” and admist these thoughts something happens, something that we have all experienced before..  your feet somehow entangle themselves in the most complex way; so elegantly and quick that you have no time to react… and you go down, and you go down hard. And every SINGLE man, woman, brother, sister, mother, cousin, uncle, and aunt in that gym runs up to you to help you up and asks “are you okay?” “are you sure you’re okay?” “you need a ride home?” “you looked bruised, you need a nurse?” “are you going to be able to walk again?”, and I’m just like uhh yahh umm I’m just testing out my strength/endurence combo so  I’m throwing my self off of treadmills. HAHA oh man, I couldn’t help but laugh writing this one, treadmills are destructive pieces of equipment.

Well that’s enough reminescing on these times. I hope you all laughed at these embarrassing moments of mine and that they never happen to you –odds are they probably already have.


(google images)

I love and appreciate all of you! Thanks for taking a minute out of your busy day to read!

Love Always! – Ashley


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