I was never much of an Oprah Show lover but when she did her extravagant “Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things” episodes, I would always make sure to watch! I mean she would give away plane tickets to the whole audience so they could go to her favorite vacationing spot!! She would give the audience endless amounts of gifts including cook wear, gift cards, electronics, and even vehicles. The reason I watched was not only to see what she gave away but how people reacted. The audience would be HYSTERCIAL, I’m talking tears and laughing, hugging people they were sitting by that they didn’t even know, kissing on the cheeks; just pure joy, and I loved watching every second of it.

Due to my love of the Favorite Things extravaganzas I am going to share a few of my favorite things.

  • My Sephora Makeup Palette that my mom bought me two Christmas’s ago. I still use this to do my eye makeup, best makeup palette ever.


  • Blistex Medicated Lip balm: I have the driest lips ever. I have to put on chapstick every time I get out of the shower and throughout the day or my lips will be like dried up prunes.. N a s t y. I have tried way too many chapsticks and this is by far my favorite.


  • Mexican food is by far my favorite type of food. I love a lot of Mexican restaurants that I have eaten at, but Cantina Laredo, is the best Mexican restaurant in the universe! I promise you, if you have not had it you need to try it! The closest ones are in Little Rock and Branson Landing you have got to eat there. A M A Z I N G!


  • Now that my hair is shorter it is a little more complicated to fix. I don’t like to spend too much time in the mornings to straighten my hair so the majority of the time I will put it in a little bun or wear it wavy. Pony tail holders and I have never gotten along. They get tangled and rip out my hair and come out, UGH, it’s just a hassle. So now I use Scunci no damage pony tail holders. They are perfect.


Those are a few of my favorite things! I hope you all have a Terrific Thursday!

Thanks for taking a second to read!

Love Always!



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