The famous girls night. Lately on Thursday nights we have been getting together a big group of girls that we played flag football with to just talk, eat, and have a fun time together. Which starting next week we will be having a Bible study at Julian and I’s house every Thursday night at 7 p.m for all of the girls. Which will include snacks, desserts, and some good ol’ Jesus, I am pretty excited about it!

SO tonight we did something a little different. My friend Kristen had the idea that after we ate; we should go to one of the gymnastics gyms that our friend Jordan works at. He was going to stay after the gym closed and let us do whatever we pleased.

All 12 girls met at our friend Michelle’s apartment and drove to Larry’s Pizza to eat. We all sat around eating the smallest pieces of pizza we had every seen while laughing our heads off. We went around telling stories about almost dying, throw-up stories, and talked relentlessly about dreads (one of our friends is considering dreads– we tried to persuade her otherwise). Including my story about my cousin — about 6 years ago —  throwing up in my hair at night, getting up and taking a shower, and leaving me there without waking me up. I woke up that morning felt my hair- and smelt it and immediately threw up. Yah it was just as terrible as it sounds and the girls thought it was absolutely hysterical at dinner. Anyways we all sat around telling stories, eating crappy pizza, and enjoying each others company.

Then we all went to the Jonesboro Gymnastics Academy Gym that our friend works at. It was INCREDIBLE. Just humongous bouncy mats everywhere, a 30 foot long trampoline with a giant foam block at the end. Uneven bars everywhere you looked including ring bars and jump ropes with not a soul around but us… pretty much every kid’s dream. And us girls had the absolute best times of our lives.

We did flips on the trampoline. We bounced all over the floor. We played on the uneven bars. We jumped bars to bars. We spun on the rings. We played with the jump ropes. We played jumper in the middle. We were jumping ropes with two people in one rope. We learned new dances. We played hand clapping games. We played capture the flag. We were rolling all over the mats. We were maniacs.

By 10:45 p.m. I was all sweat and all laughs. I always have fun, but I do not think I have had that much fun for a long time. We played together like a bunch of preteen girls. I took gymnastics as a child and quickly realized it wasn’t my thing, but had it been that much fun I may have stuck with it.

When I was driving home at 11 I had one of those moments where you go: Man I have it good, I have it really really dang good, and I am so lucky. I have been blessed with more than I can even fathom sometimes, and I am constantly reminded of that.


Thanks for reading my lovely blog readers! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love Always


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