I hope you all enjoyed this weekend as much as I did! This weekend Julian and I made the long trip home to see Vanessa on her last Homecoming Court! She did so well and ended up getting Senior Maid of Honor! We took a trillion pictures (may be a bit of an exaggeration) along with getting to see a lot of Julian’s family that lives out of town. on Saturday Julian went hunting with his dad and ended up killing a doe. While the rest of my fam headed over to Great Grandmas to cut wood. Good thing we did because today it is a great day to have a fire stove going. Who doesn’t love the crackling sound of a wood stove burning and the warmth! UGH I am so happy it is sweater weather!! The rest of Saturday we went shopping at the local boutiques, then headed home for a steak and baked potato dinner – yum. We ended the weekend on Sunday by sitting around the kitchen table eating biscuits and gravy and talking early in the morning and headed to Julian’s parents for lunch. We watched a little NFL football and said our goodbyes to our families.

We had a much needed relaxing family-filled weekend. I soaked up every second of it. We woke up today to this crisp beautiful fall day and sat it our living room drinking hot French vanilla coffee remembering just how blessed we are.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so here is a few thousand words to tell about our wonderful weekend.

. julian and I at homecoming

DSCN0290[1] Jason and I were entertaining ourselves while waiting for everything to start.DSCN0340[1]

Julian took random photos of me making faces.

DSCN0322[1]Nice lookin’ family huh?

homecomingI got to see my Katy Bug. She is the cutest stinkin’ thing I have ever seen.

new bootsKaitlyn, mom, and I all took a small shopping trip to our local favorites. The Elle Boutique and The Rage Boutique: which I got these precious boots for a steal of a deal… along with a few sweaters and leggings… fall has finally made its way to Jonesboro!


Altogether we had a great time and I was so excited to see my loved ones!

Have a blessed Monday!

Love Always, Ashley


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