Due to my undeniable excitement for the holiday season, today is all about my Christmas story. I am so ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ohmyygggurrsshh! Family + turkey + presents + candles + desserts + cranberry sauce + Christmas lights + Christmas trees = PURE happiness and joy!! Uh I could go on all day about how great holiday season is.

So today is about my favorite day of the year.Christmas Day. It’s not too early to be talking about this, right?

My dad is known for what I call his “Christmas Game”. Now let me explain; my family does not do small Christmases. It. Does. Not. Happen. My parents go absolutely NUTS during holiday season. My dad starts his online shopping about mid-October (he loves to online shop–especially Amazon), and my mom was already asking about Christmas presents last week when she was here. My dad use to have us write out a huge list of what we wanted for Christmas. Of course our lists would go on for about two-three pages. But as we’ve gotten older… oh wait we still write out giant lists.

Anyways we each have what seems about 1500 presents under the tree. They are literally spilling out from everywhere in my dad’s den, where we always put the tree. My little brother Daniel becomes such a nervous-anxious wreck on Christmas Eve he can’t even sleep. I am not exaggerating. So Daniel gets up around 4 a.m. and opens his {box} of stocking stuffers. Then he wakes everyone up at about 5:30 a.m. because he can no longer contain himself. Then we all eat buscuits and gravy. That is a tradition in our house.

We then preceed to open our presenst and I truly act like a child during Christmas season. I scream and jump for joy every Christmas present I open. Whether the present be a new scarf or a laptop. Doesn’t matter. I become a lunatic. And my family absolutely loves it, they think its hilarious. And it is all genuine, I am seriously so filled with joy with the family time, presents, and happiness in the room I cannot contain myself. I lose my voice every Christmas season. Then after we finish opening presents and the excitement calms down we’re all glowing with our new present joy.

Then my dad starts his game.

He tells us alright kids there are no presents left, and we all say thanks mom and dad, we love yall so much! Thanks for everything! This was the best Christmas ever!

Then after about an hour of messing with our new present he slowly starts moving towards his room. Or the attic. Or under our beds. Or our closet. And he starts pulling out presents, and they are always the most wonderful fantastical presents that we were all wanting. And we completely. Freak out. I am not kidding all three of us lose our minds. Last year my dad pulled out IPads and Dr.Dre headphones and you would have thought my dad had just told us that we had just won Lamborginis and a lifetime vaction to Hawaii. We were freaking out. We jumped up and down, we screamed, we were hugging. As you can tell things get a little wild at my house. Note that last year Jacob was 20, I was 18, Daniel was 14, but that doesn’t matter Christmas Day. We’re just kids.

That is my Christmas story. It has always been one of my favorite times with my family that I love oh so much.
Since this is Julian and I’s first Christmas together I am excited to start to traditions and make new memories.

Life is good. Have a great day.
Always – Ashley


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