It seems like forever since I posted last! We have even been through the scariest holiday of the year and a time change! So today we’re just going to catch up…

Halloween: This year I decided to dress up as a tacky tourist, Julian dressed up as Hotrod from the movie “Hotrod”, and my favorite outfit of the night was my brother Jacob’s. My brother is known for dressing as a woman every Halloween. This year he decided to dress as a lady bumble bee, and he did not disappoint. He was talked about all Thursday night at the Halloween party, sadly he didn’t win the costume contest. Julian did win second though!


There are truly no words for this picture. It is terrifying and makes me cry with laughter. My brother will do anything to make someone laugh, which explains why ever student that attends ASU knows exactly who Jacob Maechler is.

Anywho, this weekend Julian stayed in Jonesboro to go on a hunting trip, while Jacob Forrest & I made the trek home. The ride home was filled with Forrest’s Disney music, glee music, boy band music, and every other type of music that she knows I hate. But we had a good time laughing and singing the terrible music. We got home late Friday night and spend all weekend eating (we ate steak & potatoes, we ate Italian spaghetti, we ate chicken spaghetti, we ate French toast, we ate, we ate, we ate!!) Yah I put on a good 7 pounds this weekend. We also played tons of Spades, my family is all really good at cards so we tend to play a lot when we are all home. My dad especially gets very competitive.

Also this weekend my grandparents surprised me with a brand new Toshiba laptop.. which I happen to be typing on right this second! I was so excited I was jumping up and down screaming! I have been putting off having to buy my own since I gave mine to Jacob when his crashed, and it’s hard to share one laptop between Julian and I with the hours of homework we have every night. SO needless to say I was a tad bit excited. –Thanks Memaw and Pepaw, I love you guys so much–

Toshiba laptop

Early yesterday morning we headed back home to Jonesboro and Jacob, Julian, and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking and relaxing. We had a great family filled weekend and I was beside myself that my mom, dad, Jacob, Daniel, and I were all home at one time. That never happens these days. I am so blessed with such an amazing family. I know I say that a lot, but I am constantly reminded of how amazing they really are.

Have a blessed day lovelies — Ashley


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