I graduated high school May 18, 2012. My graduation present from my parents was a trip with my mom to the Eastern Coast to enjoy some of my mom’s family and to really go exploring together. We left May 19th early in the morning to catch a flight in Little Rock. We had a 10 day trip ahead of us, lots of cash, bellies full of airport food, and mischievous smiles ready to board our plane. We made many stops along our trip. Including Baltimore, Jamestown, Washington D.C., Providence, and Oceanside. Yah…we were all up and down the East coast. And we had an absolute blast.

I had never been to Washington D.C. before and I couldn’t get enough of it. The busy-ness of the city, the train stations, the history behind it all, I loved it, I loved every inch of that city. I hope to go back soon and maybe bring Julian, I think he would enjoy it as much as I did.

My most awestruck moment: Seeing the Lincoln Memorial. Something about the massiveness of the Lincoln Memorial, the etched writing, the hard stone, and the hundreds of thousands of people who travel around the world to see this statue. It was amazing. It is breathtaking.

Jamestown, Rhode Island. In Jamestown we stayed at my aunt and uncle’s bed and breakfast “East Bay Bed and Breakfast”, it is absolute perfection. Jamestown is a quaint town with sailboats constantly coming into port at Narragansett Bay. It was beautiful. When we left Jamestown I knew without a doubt in my mind I could start a family and live their forever. It felt familiar and breezy. It did rain the majority of the time we were there, but something about that made it even sleepier and more magical to me.

That is all for now. So go out and explore. This world we live in is absolutely breathtaking. It’s not everyday that we become awestruck, but when we do we don’t forget it. There is nothing like discovring.

Have a blessed weekend. – Ashley


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