To kick of this post I wanted to share with you guys this absolutely adorable pallet coffee table that Julian and Gabe built me! It took them about 3 hours, but it only cost me $3.25, for a package of nails! Now I am all for do it yourself projects and saving a few bucks so when Gabe offered to go find some random pallets in some random alleys (hopefully they were not being used or someone’s actual property, if so…oops, thanks for the coffee table) because he had heard me complain a few times about not having a coffee table. I was all for it! It came out so perfect! It looks so great in our little apartment living room.

pallet table

Anywhoodle, I have been putting a little thought into my New Years resolutions. First off I have decided to go to NYC (New Year’s Conference) in Chattanooga, TN this year. It is a five day conference for Campus Outreach college students from all over the U.S. to gather and worship. We are going to listen to amazing speakers, hear great music, and get to explore the city! I am so excited! The event takes place from Dec 28- Jan 1, so I will be starting my year at the New Year’s party with over 2,500 college students..I am a little bit ecstatic!

new years conference

Julian isn’t going, but a ton of my friends are going and we cannot wait. Since Julian isn’t going we have decided to join Jacob and Forrest in Pigeon Forge after the conference ends. My aunt, uncle, and their son Ryan live there and us four are going to stay with them and explore the Rocky Mountains including going skiing, and whatever else the four of us stumble onto.

Needless to say my New Year’s resolutions include:

Going out and exploring new places and new things.

Opening my mind to new things.

And most importantly, spending more time growing in the Lord.

I have got to say my year is going to start off accomplishing all three of these resolutions. What are your resolutions?

Thanks for reading lovelies – Ashley


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