It seems like forever since I posted last! We have even been through the scariest holiday of the year and a time change! So today we’re just going to catch up…

Halloween: This year I decided to dress up as a tacky tourist, Julian dressed up as Hotrod from the movie “Hotrod”, and my favorite outfit of the night was my brother Jacob’s. My brother is known for dressing as a woman every Halloween. This year he decided to dress as a lady bumble bee, and he did not disappoint. He was talked about all Thursday night at the Halloween party, sadly he didn’t win the costume contest. Julian did win second though!


There are truly no words for this picture. It is terrifying and makes me cry with laughter. My brother will do anything to make someone laugh, which explains why ever student that attends ASU knows exactly who Jacob Maechler is.

Anywho, this weekend Julian stayed in Jonesboro to go on a hunting trip, while Jacob Forrest & I made the trek home. The ride home was filled with Forrest’s Disney music, glee music, boy band music, and every other type of music that she knows I hate. But we had a good time laughing and singing the terrible music. We got home late Friday night and spend all weekend eating (we ate steak & potatoes, we ate Italian spaghetti, we ate chicken spaghetti, we ate French toast, we ate, we ate, we ate!!) Yah I put on a good 7 pounds this weekend. We also played tons of Spades, my family is all really good at cards so we tend to play a lot when we are all home. My dad especially gets very competitive.

Also this weekend my grandparents surprised me with a brand new Toshiba laptop.. which I happen to be typing on right this second! I was so excited I was jumping up and down screaming! I have been putting off having to buy my own since I gave mine to Jacob when his crashed, and it’s hard to share one laptop between Julian and I with the hours of homework we have every night. SO needless to say I was a tad bit excited. –Thanks Memaw and Pepaw, I love you guys so much–

Toshiba laptop

Early yesterday morning we headed back home to Jonesboro and Jacob, Julian, and I spent the rest of the afternoon talking and relaxing. We had a great family filled weekend and I was beside myself that my mom, dad, Jacob, Daniel, and I were all home at one time. That never happens these days. I am so blessed with such an amazing family. I know I say that a lot, but I am constantly reminded of how amazing they really are.

Have a blessed day lovelies — Ashley



leaves fixed{I took this beautiful photo on my walk from class this morning.}

The leaves have a wonderful tune.

They dance to the wind’s song.

They whirl and they float.

They scamper and they roll.

They fly away to another day.

Gold, ruby red, and shades of the sunshine.

Down to the ground, the dying leaves flit and flutter.

Into my pathway, and into the gutter.

The colors so deep and rich.

The weather is getting cold, but the colors look so warm.

Fiery reds and oranges, and golden hues, like those of ripened corn.

The bright colors add cheer to the dullest of days.

Not long before the colors die and winter comes our way.


Have a wonderful Tuesday friends, Love, Ashley.


Today I am linking up with Tifani at to tell what I am most thankful for… so check her out after you read this lovely post!

This weekend especially, I was reminded of what I should be thankful for. Being thankful can be tough sometimes. But other times your life just radiates with thankfulness and graciousness. I have been {what seems like} drowning in tests and group projects and it becomes hard to balance all of that with a busy social life. So this Friday night when my grandparents came down we all had a great dinner that really refreshed me. Then Saturday a couple of our friends from Memphis came down and we went on a quadruple date. Is that a thing? And we had a blast. We went to Chili’s and spent the whole time laughing. Then we all went to play laser tag and a few rounds of dance revolution which were both absolutely hilarious. We ended the night by carving pumpkins and enjoying eachothers company. We ended the weekend by having a long Sunday night with a blazing bonfire, smores, and a few competitive rounds of spades with our friends Gabe and Tifani.

So I am thankful for the people that give me something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful for my husband.

I am thankful for my parents and my brothers.

I am thankful for my grandparents.

I am thankful for the holidays.

I am thankful for naps.

I am thankful for a few minutes of peace everyday.

And I am thankful for God giving me all of these continuous blessings.

I am thankful for being thankful.

{Now enjoy some of my pictures from this weekend.}

pumpkins the three of us allfourof us with pumpkins


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! I appreciate you all taking the time to read!

Love Always – Ashley



Due to my undeniable excitement for the holiday season, today is all about my Christmas story. I am so ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ohmyygggurrsshh! Family + turkey + presents + candles + desserts + cranberry sauce + Christmas lights + Christmas trees = PURE happiness and joy!! Uh I could go on all day about how great holiday season is.

So today is about my favorite day of the year.Christmas Day. It’s not too early to be talking about this, right?

My dad is known for what I call his “Christmas Game”. Now let me explain; my family does not do small Christmases. It. Does. Not. Happen. My parents go absolutely NUTS during holiday season. My dad starts his online shopping about mid-October (he loves to online shop–especially Amazon), and my mom was already asking about Christmas presents last week when she was here. My dad use to have us write out a huge list of what we wanted for Christmas. Of course our lists would go on for about two-three pages. But as we’ve gotten older… oh wait we still write out giant lists.

Anyways we each have what seems about 1500 presents under the tree. They are literally spilling out from everywhere in my dad’s den, where we always put the tree. My little brother Daniel becomes such a nervous-anxious wreck on Christmas Eve he can’t even sleep. I am not exaggerating. So Daniel gets up around 4 a.m. and opens his {box} of stocking stuffers. Then he wakes everyone up at about 5:30 a.m. because he can no longer contain himself. Then we all eat buscuits and gravy. That is a tradition in our house.

We then preceed to open our presenst and I truly act like a child during Christmas season. I scream and jump for joy every Christmas present I open. Whether the present be a new scarf or a laptop. Doesn’t matter. I become a lunatic. And my family absolutely loves it, they think its hilarious. And it is all genuine, I am seriously so filled with joy with the family time, presents, and happiness in the room I cannot contain myself. I lose my voice every Christmas season. Then after we finish opening presents and the excitement calms down we’re all glowing with our new present joy.

Then my dad starts his game.

He tells us alright kids there are no presents left, and we all say thanks mom and dad, we love yall so much! Thanks for everything! This was the best Christmas ever!

Then after about an hour of messing with our new present he slowly starts moving towards his room. Or the attic. Or under our beds. Or our closet. And he starts pulling out presents, and they are always the most wonderful fantastical presents that we were all wanting. And we completely. Freak out. I am not kidding all three of us lose our minds. Last year my dad pulled out IPads and Dr.Dre headphones and you would have thought my dad had just told us that we had just won Lamborginis and a lifetime vaction to Hawaii. We were freaking out. We jumped up and down, we screamed, we were hugging. As you can tell things get a little wild at my house. Note that last year Jacob was 20, I was 18, Daniel was 14, but that doesn’t matter Christmas Day. We’re just kids.

That is my Christmas story. It has always been one of my favorite times with my family that I love oh so much.
Since this is Julian and I’s first Christmas together I am excited to start to traditions and make new memories.

Life is good. Have a great day.
Always – Ashley



I have been blessed with an amazing family.

One that has cared for me.

Supported me.

Loved me.

Picked me up when I was down.

Financially supported me.

Kissed me.

Comforted me.

Hugged me.

Raised me.

Given me a reason.

Given me a home.

Shown me the way.

Given me faith.

Given me hope.

Given me joy.

Steered me in the right direction.

Showed me the love of God.

Formed me.

Made me, me.

My family is everything.

And I cannot wait to start a family of my own one day.

One that Julian and I can show love.


Show comfort.




And give them everything that my family has given me.


Have a blessed week – Love Ashley


black and white chair black and white geese black and white goose black and white lake

blcak and white path

Today I went for a run at Craighead Park.

I ended up running a couple miles, then taking out my Nikon. I took over 100 photos. God’s creations are so beautiful and they never cease to amaze me.  I was overcome by how gorgeous His creations really are.

black and white forest

Enjoy this beautiful world. Go for a little adventure.

Love Always, Ashley.


Today is all about enjoying the little things. Life can be tough. Life can be not so much fun. But the little things in life need to be enjoyed. Enjoying the little things will make life a little more enjoyable. And maybe, just maybe you will start to see that the little things really aren’t so little.

Here are a few of the little things that I enjoy in my day:

A hot cup of coffee in the morning

Kisses on the forehead

Smiles from strangers

Having the door held open for me

The smell of a freshly opened book

Freshly baked pies

Crisp mornings

Beautiful trees

A nice walk


Adorable coffee mugs

Phone calls from my loved ones

Little things big things

Have a blessed night lovelies – Always Ashley