Everyone has those bad habits, those habits you know you should break, buuut they are now a part of you and you enjoy them. I myself have a few bad habits. Before I was married I did not see some of these habits as bad..they were just things I had always done. After reflecting a little I now realize they were //bad// after all.

First off, taking at least two showers a day. You’re thinking “is that really that bad”, well no it’s not. Until I get into the three, four shower range a day. Now you’re thinking “how the heck does someone have time to take that many showers”. Well I am talking quick showers. I always take a pretty quick shower in the morning and sometimes between classes I just feel dirty and I take another quick shower. Then there is my night time shower. It is my little piece of bliss. I take undeniably long showers at night. They are so warm and calming and they put me to sleep. Julian thinks I am out of my mind. He doesn’t understand how someone can take so many showers and use so much water a day… oops.

Not to mention I wash my hair twice a day…I know that’s not good…no wonder why my hair is an oily grease basket if I don’t wash it for a full day. Right?

My next bad habit is one I have come to find that a lot of people have. My excessive paper towel use. I use paper towels for everything. Wiping things down, washing off my hands, and everything else under the moon. And I don’t just grab one paper towel, no, I grab like 15 to get the job done. My mom always use to say, “why do you need so many paper towels to wipe off your hands” well mom you were right. I now realize my extreme paper towel love when I had to start buying my own paper towels. //Really guys I go through 2 paper towel rolls a week//

My other bad habit. Which I am still debating on whether this one can be considered bad. Getting out of the shower, THEN drying off. Why dry off in the shower?? I just don’t get it. The shower mat is OUTSIDE the shower so I can stand there dripping, taking my sweet time to dry off. Maybe even walking around the house dripping wet while brushing my teeth. Water dries. That is my only argument. Water dries, and it is my guilty pleasure to walk around half an hour still wet from my shower. This girl just loves water.

<– My dream.

This next habit isn’t as bad as it is strange. Needless to say when I brush my teeth I look like a rabid animal. I do not neatly squeeze toothpaste onto my toothbrush then neatly brush my teeth. NO. I put about three quarter size squeezes on my toothbrush and go to town. I go in small circles. I go up and down. I go back and forth. While the whole time there is toothpaste running down my face, all over my mouth, and pretty much everywhere else but on my toothbrush. Julian thinks it is absolutely hilarious, he will seriously watch me brush my teeth he finds it so amusing.

Well that is it for me today! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my bad/strange habits!

Have a blessed day my friends! – Ashley